The Moment We Saw You

…we fell in love! And we keep gazing into your big brown eyes, longing to meet you…

Sincere apologizes for the lack of updates on the blog, and the delay in sharing our referral news with all the eager families waiting! We were in the car, a few states from home, when the call came, and we’re forever grateful for McDonald’s having Wi-Fi available so we could download the referral documents and see the pictures of the little one we hope to be able to call our daughter and sister soon. There were a few people who gave strange looks to our family all teary-eyed gazing into an iPad, but we were so happy to all be together when we got the news! She is perfect, and we are grateful.

Now the real wait begins. We’ve been here before, but only had to endure a couple of months before we had the now pre-schooler in our arms. Knowing this wait will be much longer is something we try not to dwell on as we remain in the post-referral-bliss! And then the list making will truly commence. To ward off the post-referral-crazy…

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13 months

I know that there are people who click on the link on a fairly frequent basis to see if we’ve gotten a referral, so I thought perhaps it was time I posted again. The referral wait has been much longer than anticipated, and we are hoping there won’t be a 14 months post before we find out who our little one is. At the same time, we are very much aware that the months following the elation of the referral phone call will be extremely difficult, especially since the new timelines for the completion of the process are still very much up in the air. The uncertainty is very challenging for someone who likes to be in control – however – we will wait as long as it takes.

And to keep us occupied we have to update our homestudy to get our USCIS approval extended. While paperwork can be rather tedious, it at least gives us something to *do*, to feel like we are taking action in some way. And parenting three children obviously keeps us busy. As they are full of life, love and mischief…;-)

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Apparently the idea of blogging is more exciting to me than the actual follow-through since it’s been months since my last post…and the lack of blog-readers is not surprising when the information about our family is so scarce and the post so few and far between. I do realize we’re up to #4 on the unofficial Gladney list though, which means that there are at least a few people who incessantly click on our link to see if we’ve updated, and for those people who longingly wait for their littlest, I ought to update once in a while. And I most definitely will as soon as we have referral news to share. Trust me, I am an incessant blog reader myself, and my heart bursts with happiness for the families who’ve recently seen the faces of their children for the first time.

Because we have been there before and have experienced the euphoria that a referral brings we are impatiently waiting for our turn. For our hearts to race while we wait for the email which will show us our daughter’s face for the first time to load. For the tears that will stream down our faces as we fall in love with her eyes, her cheeks, and her hair. For the many moments of craziness before we travel, while we travel, and after we’re home.

Having been there before is not taking anything away from the experience of going there again. This is baby O’s journey. We’re so excited to be a part of it, while our hearts break for the events that will lead to us meeting her.

And having been there before means that we know how little we’ll get done once she’s home.

Which is why tomorrow the “Before-Baby-Comes-Home-To-Do-List” will really kick into gear.

Or at least be edited.

Baby steps.

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Hello world!

The urge to start blogging and connecting with those who are in the midst of the excitement, trials and tribuations of adoption has come over me again. This time around the process has lasted much longer than our first Ethiopian adoption experience, but we have been so busy with life with three kids, a dog, a cat and full-time jobs that we haven’t had as much time to dwell on it. We took our old blog private just because our oldest children were too easily found on the big Internet, and thus no real names will be used on this blog. I have not come up with any nifty code names yet, but the Teen, the Tween and the Toddler are all doing good (maybe those are nifty code names until they all get older? 🙂

Yesterday marked 5 months on the wait list for us. Who knows how many more to go. In any event, the Toddler got a new shirt yesterday that says “I’m a big sister.” A size too big. Just in case.

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